Comprehensive Merino Wool Care Instructions Guide 

So … you just bought a Lindo F Merino wool hat with a gorgeous fur pom. Congrats! You’re going to love it. Merino wool is so warm and cozyIts fibers are finer than other types of wool, giving it a silky softness that’s gentle even on sensitive skin 

One of the most common questions we get from our customers is, “How do I wash my wool hat?” That’s why we decided to put together a quick and easy guide to caring for your wool hats.  

Now, we’re going to how to wash your wool hats safely, but first ... 

What is Merino Wool? 

Let’s talk a little bit about what “merino wool” actually means.  

According to Wikipedia, “The merino is one of the most historically relevant and economically influential breeds of sheep. 

Well that’s boring! 

Still, the fact that the merino is an ancient breed means they’re pretty tough little guys. In fact, they can withstand 30-degree temps in the summer and are just as comfortable when the mercury dips to 10 below or colder.  

Why do you care? 

The reason these fleecy creatures are so comfortable in any type of extreme temperature is because of their coat. Their exquisite wool coat keeps them at the perfect temp no matter what Mother Nature delivers 

That’s what makes merino wool so fabulousyou can wear it in the summer without breaking a sweat, and you can wear it in the winter to keep you toasty warm.  

Now, down to the point at hand … caring for your merino wool. 

How to Wash Merino Wool 

Fortunately, merino wool is fairly simple to keep clean and beautiful. It’s relatively durable, but you do want to handle them with care, nonetheless.  

Follow these five steps to safely wash your merino wool hat: 

  1. Pop off the pom 
  2. Turn the hat inside out 
  3. Hand-wash in cold water 
  4. Use mild detergent (or detergent specifically made for wool) 
  5. We strongly recommend laying your hat flat to air dry. 


Do not wash wool in hot water! It can shrink. 

Do not bleach! It destroys merino wool fibers. 

Do not use fabric softener! It coats merino wool fibers, which reduces its ability to naturally regulate temperature. 

Do not hang to dry! This weight of the water can pull on the fabric as it dries, distorting the shape of the hat. 

How often should I wash merino wool? 

While everyone is different, most people don’t have to wash their hat every time they wear itOf course, it all depends on where you’re wearing your hat, for how long, and how often. Wearing your hat once a week for a quick jaunt to the grocery store is a lot different than spending 8 hours skiing the slopes.  

Sure, the more you wash wool, the quicker it wears out. But merino wool is durable, so don’t be afraid to keep it clean. Use common sense and trust your gut – you got this! 

Can I iron my wool hat? 

Sure, if you must. All our hats are made with 100% merino wool, which can be ironed on low heat. Then again (no judgement), if you dry it properly, you really shouldn’t need to iron your hat.  

Mix ‘n Match 

Here comes the fun part! Now that you know how easy it is to care for your merino wool hat, you can start mixing and matching different styles and colours with our fur poms!  

Check out our massive selection poms, available in stunning, vibrant colours, small to large sizes, and a magnificent variety of ethically sourced furs 

Have a question about merino wool or fur poms? Give us a call anytime, we’re here to help!