At Lindo F we only use the best materials for our products, especially in our toques. We’ve designed them with functional fashion in mind, which is why we ONLY use merino wool (we think you’re the best, so you deserve nothing less)! It’s easily our favorite outdoor fashion material, especially with so many sub par quality products available to you. What is the point in purchasing a toque if its uncomfortable, falls apart or loses it’s shape? We want you to love wearing your toque the way it’s meant to be worn….as often as you want for as long as you want, all season long! You just can’t expect that from an average, everyday wool toque.


What is Merino Wool?

In our opinion (and we aren’t the only ones ;)) it is the most luxurious type of wool available. Not to mention it’s all natural and incredibly soft.

There are so many wool types on the market. What most people don’t realize is that standard wool and wool blends are not simply from “sheep”. Each wool type comes from a specific breed of sheep, and each are valued for different benefits. Merino wool is sourced from the Merino sheep; animals that have been carefully & selectively bred to produce the best, most versatile wool on the market. Considering how much and how often people use wool (it’s a historical fave in terms of textiles), it makes THIS wool the gold standard of multi-functional materials. If this was a “Seuss” story, it would be our thneed!

Sport Blue Waffle Hat

Benefits of Merino Wool.

Unlike regular wool, or any other type of wool, Merino wool is prized for it’s ultra fine fibers. These super soft fibers mean that your toque (or socks, sweater, mitts etc.,) won’t give you that annoying “itchy” sensation that most wool/wool blends give. Not only is it incredibly, but merino wool is also:

  • Water Resistant
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Warm
  • Durable and
  • Stretch Resistant

Our Toques.

Thanks to the merino fiber being so resilient, it makes it the perfect choice for our famous pom pom toques. We set out to create the perfect toque, one that marries style with functionality no matter where you are or what you’re doing. With such fine fibers, merino wool is water resistant and warm. That means that whether you’re out on the slopes, enjoying an après-ski bevvi or strolling the city streets, you’ll be doing it in style, warmth and comfort!

Why compromise when it comes to cold weather fashion, right? The best part of merino wool (and OUR toques)?… The stretch resistance! We LOVE merino wool because it’s easier to wear anywhere for as long as you want. For us, that’s especially important when a toque is a cold weather accessory essential! It means you can pair your toque and pom pom combo with any outfit without compromising your comfort OR your look. It also means that our stretchy, one size fits all design won’t give you the thing we all hate most….hat head *YIKES*…!

And when your day is done you can rest easy knowing your toque will fit perfectly, without stretching, forever. What more could you want from a toque?