….and each of them look fabulous on their respective people. So what’s the punchline? The punchline is that the only one who doesn’t have to take off their headwear is the one wearing the Lindo F Toque! Your toque is as much an accessory to your outfit as anything, so we want you to be able to wear it anywhere, indoors or out! That’s what this post is all about! Knowing the difference in your toque accessories so you make the right choice for your look and your comfort.


Why so many names for the same thing?

Well, the answer is this: They are NOT all the same! Sure, they’re all related because they all sit on your head but a HAT can be myriad of styles. You wouldn’t consider a baseball hat a toque, would you? Or a bucket hat as a beanie, right?

The science behind it all is simple. An accessory that goes on your head is a hat, and there are MANY types of hats. Each hat has its own style, features, and fit.

Let’s compare…

Hats can be so many things! They can be toques(our fave), bowlers, fascinators, baseball hats, headdresses, trapper hats…and so much more! Each of these comes in an unlimited combination of fits, colours, styles and materials. Each is defined by its features, which make them so different from one another.

But no matter the style, the fit, the colour, the material…they are still all HATS (and we love them all)!

Waffle Sport Blue Hat - Toque


All other hat types considered, this is easily the most popular style year round. Toques are almost everyone’s favorite choice, especially in less than tropic conditions. Sure, a toque may not keep the sun out of your eyes the way a baseball style hat would, but a merino wool toque WILL protect you from harmful UV rays. Not to mention its water resistance, warmth, and temperature regulating properties that will keep you feeling your best in the fall, winter and spring. BONUS: no “hat head” from a Lindo F Toque. We can’t say the same for any other style of hat.

Charlie Cable - Glossy Knit - Waffle Knit


We’ve made sure to create our 3 distinct merino wool toques to fit everyone perfectly! That doesn’t mean each hat is the same though. When we designed our Charlie Cable Knit, Our Glossy and Our Waffle toque styles, we wanted them to be able to be customized to the individual! So each of these toques, although similar, all fit distinctly differently from one another!

Our Charlie Cable features a thick knit, snug fitted style. Designed for warmth and adventure, this one fits perfectly for your days on the slopes

Our Glossy Knit is a fun, dual fit style! It’s tight knit design makes it easy to wear as a classic toque fit OR as a beanie ( perfect for the days you just can’t decide)

Our Waffle Knit features a slightly more relaxed knit design. We LOVE this toque because it fits like a good beanie should! Snug in the right places without losing its composure for all day wear!

We’ve considered all fits for all the fashionista’s out there so you never have to worry about the difference between hats again! You only have to worry about what your fave toque/pom combo is going to be.