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The pom pom hats unique ‘snap in’ fur pom makes changing your style easy.  Wear how you feel.  Pick from over 30 colors, 3 sizes, and we keep bringing in new and exciting colors and styles.

What fun is fashion without an endless amount of choice, right?

Your style tells the world WHO YOU ARE

Make your unique pom pom hat your statement.  Why settle for a boring?

Isn’t that why we all love fashion so much?

At Lindo F, our pom pom hats which let you speak VOLUMES about who you are by what you choose to wear…we refine self expression, Discover yours!

That’s why we created our toques in 3 different knit styles, and our poms in 3 different fur types and 3 different sizes. When you want choice, we’ve got your back.

lindo f sport blue toque


When we began designing and selling our toque and fur pom pom combos, we fell in LOVE with the lush raccoon fur. Thanks to the thick and bouncy texture of the fur, our poms stay plush and fluffed in even the worst weather.

Our raccoon fur also looks great in so many colours, so you can choose any shade, and any tone you want and the pom’s color will always be bright and vibrant.

Racoon Fur Pom Pom


Coyote fur has become our FAVORITE fur our product line. It’s incredibly soft, thick and durable nature make it ideal for any weather. Rain, snow or shine, coyote fur keeps its bounce! Not only that, but our coyote fur comes exclusively in natural and lavender tones, available ONLY with this pom type.

We love coyote fur so much. we’ve also designed our vests, hoodies and so much more with it.

Coyote Fur Pom Poms


A new addition to the Lindo F lineup, our fox fur poms are quickly becoming a best seller. Fox fur is just as soft and plush as our raccoon and coyote fur, the only difference is the length of the fur. While our raccoon and coyote poms have varying lengths of fur per pom (the longer outer coat and the thicker undercoat), our fox fur is 1 length of SUPER SOFT, super fab fur pom pom.

Our line of fox fur poms also includes colours that are exclusive to itself,too. Check out Our “natural blue” pom (pictured on the right)…the colour is fire!

Fox Fur Pom Pom Hat

Call them what you want, hats or toques, both ways you will be in style this season with the rich, gorgeous colors and styles from Lindo F.

When you’re in the market for some accessories that showcase a little of your self expression, look no further then US!

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