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Lindo F furs are ethically sourced through Saga Furs. Saga certification ensures responsible fur for the fashion industry. There are certain conditions that have to be met for this certification. Saga Furs leads the industry in sustainability as the only fur seller with a supplier certification and auditing program on the environment and animal health and welfare. For full details, visit the website at

Main criteria of the Saga Certification by Finnish Standards with WelFur inside

1. Animal well-being and health
Animal health and welfare are an absolute prerequisite for high-quality animal breeding. On certified fur farms, animal welfare is promoted with immediate and preventive measures.

2. Conditions for rearing animals
Safe and stimulating housing, adjusted to the various cycles in the animal’s life, is the fur animal’s most important immediate environment.

3. Farm hygiene
A neat and tidy farm environment promotes welfare and comfort for both the animals and the farmer. Proactive measures prevent many ensuing problems.

4. Breeding
Healthy and trusting animals form the basis for high-quality breeding. Certified farms do not sell or deliver fur animals to countries which do not meet the requirements set in the Finnish Animal Welfare Act.

5. Environmental management
A certified fur farm minimises its impact on the surrounding nature. Detailed provisions for environmental protection are specified in each farm’s environmental permit. In addition, special attention is paid to the correct handling of manure, waste management and the watering system.

6. Feed management
The animals are given regularly analysed feed that fulfils their nutritional needs in each production phase. Domestic raw materials are favoured in the feed production, and the entire feed chain is documented.

7. Training and preparing for exceptional situations
Fur farming is a profession which requires solid hands-on competence as well as ongoing professional development on an annual basis. A certified farm is well equipped to act also in exceptional situations deviating from day-to-day routines.