The House of Lindo F

137 Line 9 S, Oro-Medonte, ON, LOL 1T0

Monday - Friday 10AM-5PM, Saturday 10AM-3PM, Sunday Closed.


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  1. Faux Fox Fur Pom CA$17.49 CA$34.99
  2. Faux Fur Raccoon Pom CA$17.49 CA$34.99
  3. Faux Fox Fur Pom Black CA$17.49 CA$34.99
  4. Faux Fox Pom Pewter CA$17.49 CA$34.99
  5. Faux Fox Pom Oatmeal CA$17.49 CA$34.99
  6. Faux Fox Fur Pom Army CA$17.49 CA$34.99
  7. Faux Fox Fur Pom Pistachio CA$17.49 CA$34.99
  8. Faux Fox Fur Pom Pure White CA$17.49 CA$34.99
  9. Faux Fox Fur Pom Hunter Green CA$17.49 CA$34.99
  10. Faux Fox Fur Pom Pink Dust CA$17.49 CA$34.99
  11. Faux Fox Fur Pom Ski Patrol CA$17.49 CA$34.99
  12. Faux Fox Fur Pom Shiraz CA$17.49 CA$34.99
  13. Faux Fox Fur Pom Sport Blue CA$17.49 CA$34.99
  14. Faux Fox Fur Pom Sky Blue CA$17.49 CA$34.99
  15. Faux Fur Raccoon Pom Puffin Orange CA$17.49 CA$34.99
  16. Faux Fur Raccoon Pom Hunter Green CA$17.49 CA$34.99
  17. Faux Fur Raccoon Pom Emerald CA$17.49 CA$34.99
  18. Faux Fur Raccoon Pom Army CA$17.49 CA$34.99
  19. Faux Fur Raccoon Pom Tiger CA$17.49 CA$34.99
  20. Faux Fox Fur Pom Ivory CA$17.49 CA$34.99
  21. Faux Fox Fur Pom Mauve CA$17.49 CA$34.99
  22. Faux Fur Raccoon Pom Midnight CA$17.49 CA$34.99
  23. Rabbit Fur Hoodie CA$399.50 CA$799.00
  24. Rabbit Fur Infinity Scarf CA$114.99 CA$229.00
  25. Rabbit Fur Hooded Vest CA$274.50 CA$549.00
  26. Rabbit Fur Bandana Neck Scarf
    As low as CA$64.99
  27. Pippa Ski Pant Sample Sale CA$379.50 CA$689.99
  28. Bomba Jacket With Raccoon Fur CA$524.99 CA$1,299.99
  29. Grande Jacket CA$639.99 CA$1,279.99
  30. Pecora Jacket With Fur CA$479.99 CA$959.99
  31. Furina Faux Fur Coat CA$524.99 CA$1,049.99
  32. Lilith Bodysuit CA$159.49 CA$318.99
  33. Shopper Bag White CA$39.99 CA$81.99
  34. Bomba Jacket Fox Fur CA$524.99 CA$1,049.99
  35. Bomba Jacket No Fur CA$524.99 CA$1,049.99
  36. Balloon Jacket CA$624.49 CA$1,248.99
  37. Brava Jacket CA$484.99 CA$969.99
  38. Nilda Top CA$120.00 CA$240.00
  39. Goldfinger Jumpsuit Black CA$749.99 CA$1,499.99
  40. Phoenix Jumpsuit Wow Pink CA$649.99 CA$1,299.99
  41. Serena Pully Sample Sale CA$109.50 CA$210.00
  42. Lea Fur Jacket CA$549.00 CA$1,170.00
  43. Millie Body CA$134.50 CA$269.00
  44. Bark Pully CA$149.99 CA$299.99
  45. Clarisse Pully CA$149.99 CA$299.99
  46. Bree Pully CA$159.50 CA$319.00
  47. France Jumpsuit CA$849.99 CA$1,699.99
  48. Goldfinger Jumpsuit Gold CA$749.99 CA$1,499.99
  49. Phoenix Jumpsuit Ruby Red CA$649.99 CA$1,299.99
  50. Hida Jacket Real Fur CA$724.50 CA$1,449.00
  51. Aura Jacket Real Fur CA$724.50 CA$1,449.00
  52. Camilla Bodywarmer CA$369.50 CA$739.00
  53. Joy Sweaters CA$214.50 CA$429.00
  54. Lovisa T-Shirts CA$94.50 CA$189.00
  55. Lily Ski Pants CA$414.50 CA$829.00
  56. Skin Ski Pants CA$309.50 CA$619.00
  57. Paris Ski Pants CA$289.50
  58. Gilsa Jacket
    As low as CA$499.00
  59. Faida Jacket CA$1,099.50 CA$2,199.00
  60. Paris Ski Pants Sample Sale CA$299.50 CA$599.00
  61. Paige Ski Pants CA$275.00 CA$550.00
  62. Phoebe Ski Pants CA$439.00 CA$929.00
  63. Gilsa Jacket CA$649.00 CA$1,299.00
  64. Santina Pully CA$149.99 CA$299.99
  65. Finna Pully CA$199.50 CA$399.00
  66. Lilja Pully CA$159.50 CA$319.00
  67. Gold Pully CA$169.50 CA$339.00
  68. Star Scarf CA$55.00 CA$110.00
  69. Sparkle Pully CA$179.50 CA$359.00
  70. Aris Pully CA$129.50 CA$259.00
  71. Bobcat Pully CA$169.50 CA$339.00
  72. Serena Pully CA$109.50 CA$219.00
  73. Pippa Ski Pant CA$379.50 CA$759.00
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125 Items

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